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Room/ Linen & Car Spray

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Lemon & Lavender

Our Lavender and Lemon fragrance stays true to this classic, beautiful flower, enhancing the natural aroma of lavender with notes of citrus, camphor, and eucalyptus and lemon. 

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils

Lemon, Sugar, Lemon Peel, Lemon Verbena, Lemongrass, Light Musk, Benzoin, 

Citrus, Bergamot, Lavender, Camphor, Eucalyptus, Powder, Cedar

Fresh Linen

This fragrance captures and eliminates bad odors and leaves behind a clean, fresh linen scent.

This fragrance oil is infused with natural essential oils including patchouli, geranium bourbon, and coriander seed.

Lemon, Ozone, Linen, Green Floral, Light Musk


A sparkling white wine with whispers of wild jasmine and peony on a soothing base of amber, sandalwood and musk.

Starfruit, Peony, Jasmine, Musk, Amber, Sandalwood

Dark Ice-

orange, pine, citrus, violet, lavender, jasmine, sandalwood, musk(similar to "Little Trees Black Ice Car Freshener")

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