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Crafted Creations Candle Studio

15oz 2-wick Christmas Candle

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Marshmallow Pine: 

  • Top: Fir Needle, Orange Peel
  • Middle: Buttercream, Pine Sap, Warm Spices
  • Bottom: Baked Cookie, Powdered Sugar

Home for Christmas: 

  • Top: Holiday Fruit, Clove, Evergreen, Mint
  • Middle: Pine, Sugared Berries, Cinnamon
  • Bottom: Vanilla, Light Musk

Smoked Vanilla:

  • Top: Smoke, Clove
  • Middle: Sandalwood, Jasmine
  • Bottom: Amber, Vanilla, Musk

Shimmering Snowflake: 

  • Top: Iced Mint, Black Currant
  • Middle: Frosted Strawberry
  • Bottom: Whipped Vanilla, White Musk

Caramel Apple:

  • Top: Apple, Red Fruits, Peach, Green Leaves
  • Middle: Caramel, Warm Cinnamon
  • Bottom: Sweet Vanilla, Brown Sugar

Peppermint Sugar Cookie:

Top: Peppermint

Middle: Vanilla

Bottom: Whipped Buttercream

Balsam Fir:

  • Top: Green
  • Middle: Pine
  • Bottom: Wood, Musk


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